I’m Shaneka McClarty and I help people recognize, reclaim and use their personal power.

Magic happens when you work with me.

Who I am, what I believe in, and the principles that orchestrate my business are:

“I’m a hope-builder and I create soul-utions. I believe when we have a decision to make there’re only two choices- Fear or Faith. Therefore, failure is not in my DNA. We are here to surrender to the lesson because the Divine plan never fails. I believe in having the confidence to pursue and create what you want; and have the courage to open up and let life touch you.”

In my practice, I’ve helped couples rebuild a broken marriage and single women have moved from failed relationships to healthy relationships.

I’ve walked on many journeys with my clients that range from depression, grief, infidelity, abuse and shame. I’d like to be able to do the same for you.

Enough about me….let’s get started.

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