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Get VIP treatment by working one-on-one with me. Let’s create an experience that will give you positive results in your life. Everything I do with you will have your success in mind.

The essence of my work is simply to empower you and show you how to get what you want in life. Superficial relationships are my kryptonite. Therefore, I get in “beast mode” when I’m working with clients in relationships and personal  power development.

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Self-paced Courses



The Dating Makeover

The Dating Makeover course is for single women who are attracting men that:

  • Lie or cheat
  • Don’t follow through on their word
  • Try to manipulate you to get your attention, time, or sex
  • Are emotionally unavailable
  • Put their needs above the relationship’s needs (are selfish)
  • Are disrespectful of your time or boundaries
  • Are only interested in sex
  • Are controlling or abusive
  • Are actively engaged in emotional games with multiple women

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Before you say...


This four-session audio course and workbook is designed to help engaged couples:

  • Establish a strong foundation before the nuptials.
  • Uncover and resolve marriage destroyers.
  • Learn and utilize effective communication skills.
  • Develop a financial wealth plan.

Bonus: A private 60- minute VIP premarital session with Shaneka.

**Course is also great for newly weds and married couples as a refresher.

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